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(Second Life Coordinate: 121.155.30)


The Legal Status of People in and Revived
from Cryonic or Cybernetic Biostasis


1:00 – 1:10pmWelcome by Conference Convener
                          Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D.
                          President, Terasem Movement, Inc.
1:10 – 1:25pm –Cybertwins as Trustees and Surrogates for
                          Reanimation Decision Making as well as the
                          Guardianship of Cryonauts, Anticipating the
                          Possibility of Direct Personality Interfacing
                          of Cryonauts and Cybertwins During or Shortly
                                           Following Reanimation



Fred Chamberlain, Co-Editor, LifeQuest Publications
                               Member, Cryonics Institute
Linda Chamberlain, Co-Author
Arizona, United States

1:25 – 1:40pm – Formal Interaction

1:40 – 1:55pm – “Legal Protection of Patients in Cryostasis



Chana de Wolf, Director of Advanced Neural Biosciences
Portland, Oregon

1:55 – 2:10pm – Formal Interaction


2:10 – 2:25pm"Expanding the "right to life" concept to cover life
                                 preservation and life extension specifically."



Danila Medvedev
Founder, Director of KrioRus, Russia

2:25 – 2:40pm – Formal Interaction


2:40 – 2:55 pm – Consciousness, Culpability, and Cryopreservation:
                                  Practical Problems to Preserving the Person




Linda MacDonald – Glenn. J.D., LLM
Burlington, VT

2:55 – 3:10 pm – Formal Interaction


3:10 – 3:25pm – “Application of the Universal Declaration
                            of Human Rights to People Revived From Mindfiles"




Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D.
President & Co-founder, Terasem Movement, Inc.
Florida, United States


3:25 – 3:40pm – Formal Interaction


3:40 – 4:00pmConclusion & Informal Interaction