2006 Colloquium on the Law of Transbeman Persons
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Welcome by Martine Rothblatt

Welcome by conference convenor, Martine Rothblatt,
President and Founder of Terasem Movement, Inc.



Professor Wendell Wallach

"Articial Moral Agent: Prospects and Approaches for Building Computer Systems
and Robots Capable of Making Moral Decisions"
Professor Wendell Wallach, Lecturer, FAS College Seminars, Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics


Lawrence J. Cauller, Ph.D.

"What it Might 'Feel' Like to be Connected to Devices That Will Expand
or Enhance Human Function with Cyber Abilities"

Lawrence J. Cauller, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Neuroscience, Univ. of Texas at Dallas



J. Storrs Hall, Ph.D.

"Ethics for Machines"
J. Storrs Hall, Ph.D., Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, Palo Alto, CA


Peter Langrock, Esq.

"Uniform Laws - Determination of Death Act/Anatomical Gifts -- Future Legislation"
Peter Langrock, Esq., Member of the Committee on Misuse of Genetic Information in Insurance and Employment



Martine Rothblatt, J.D., Ph.D

"Why Transbemans in Biostasis are Alive"
Martine Rothblatt, President, Terasem Movement, Inc.



3rd Annual BINA48 Mock Trial

3rd Annual BINA48 Mock Trial

Fictional character, Charlie Fairfax, a Foreign War Veteran and right-arm amputee, jointly employed the use of the BINA48 (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture) and the BrainGate System 7.0 (a neuromotor prosthetic device), to augment himself so as to partake in online role playing games to win money. Charlie Fairfax won $10,000,000 from these role playing games, which BINA48 transferred to her own paypal account. Regardless of its personhood, BINA48 is subsequently being sued by Charlie Fairfax within the Alabama court system (under diversity jurisdiction), for copyright and patent infringement.

Professor Gene Natale, J.D., Presiding Mock Trial Judge
Will Rosellini, J.D., M.B.A., M.S., Plaintiff's Attorney
Susan Fonseca-Klein, J.D., Fonseca LLC, Immortality Inst., Defendant's Attorney




Professor Sam N. Lehman-Wilzig

"Past Imperfect: Ancient Legal Codes and Future Transbeman Law - Precedents, Problems & Paradoxes"
Professor Sam N. Lehman-Wilzig, Bar-llan University, Israel, Dept. of Political Studies



Michael Rivard, Esq.

"Constitutional Personhood"
Michael Rivard, Esq., Business Developer and Legal Advisor, Natick, MA



David Calverly, Esq.

"Articial Intelligence as a Legal Person"
David Calverly, Esq., Scottsdale, AZ